Feature on Apex Money

Dark-haired woman in a striped pink and white shirt smiles at the camera.

Today as one of our first initiatives, Personal Finance by Women is picking the top six personal finance reads around the web over at Apex Money.

Apex Money, run by allies Jim Wang and JD Roth, features the best PF content on a daily basis–weeding through all the content that’s out there today to find you primo reads. Thank you to Jim and JD for hosting us today!

Who is the guest curator repping Personal Finance by Women? That would be none other than our very own Kristin Wong! Kristin is a personal finance freelance writer, author, and award-winning journalist. We couldn’t be more honored to have her represent us and are so into her picks!

Check them out to learn about money and the intersection of race, sexual assault, workplace discrimination, the touchy-feely side of money and so much more.

Around the Corner

I’m excited to announce that Personal Finance by Women has another project coming around the corner! Can’t wait to let everyone in on the news early next week! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter if you’d like a notice in your inbox as soon as the news breaks.

We’ve got more than these two current initiatives going on. While we work behind the scenes to bring you what’s next, feel free to reach out if you want to work with or support the network via a collaboration.

What can I do to help?

Many people have come to me asking what they could do to help as individual publishers or influencers, and at the current moment, it’s just that:

Spreading the word.

On social. On your blog. In your mastermind group. The more we can share the more we can do, and together with you, we’re planning on doing some pretty amazing things.

Thank you once again to Kristin, Jim and JD for their work on Apex Money today!

Brynne Conroy is a freelance writer, author and award-winning blogger, in the personal finance space. Her work has a marked focus on women’s issues and intersectional oppression as it relates to the personal economies of Americans.

She loves baseball, linguistics and cultural studies. If you can’t find her behind a keyboard or calculator, she’s probably busy momming.