International Women’s Day: Gender, Equality and Personal Finance

Happy International Women’s Day!

We’re marking the occasion with a content celebration featuring work from women in personal finance media. Check out the intersection of gender equality and money below.

Gender Equality & Personal Finance

Have the conversation. Advocate for yourself. When you do well in your position, ask for a raise.


Tremaine Wills, MBA

“The gender pay gap is still alive and well. Ultimately, this issue is the responsibility of our government and our business. They are the ones who can create and implement equal pay policies across the board. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us are helpless to make change.”


Maggie Germano

Whenever women negotiate, there is always a “Shadow Negotiation” – the unspoken assumptions, cultural norms, and self-sabotage that shape the negotiation itself.”


Rebecca Neale on Bedford Family Lawyer

“The impression I got was that Michael wanted to believe that women are inferior because that made him superior.  That’s understandable isn’t it? Everyone wants to feel powerful.


-Roxanne of Finance Rox


“Financial literacy starts with communication. The more we communicate with each other about money, the less intimidated and scared we will be of it.”


Daniella at I Like to Dabble

“My first reaction to a thorny money issue involving difficult people: find an alternate route, a way of avoiding fear and confrontation. Then I remember I don’t need to do that: I can face the twists, turns, and uncertainties.”


Julie Rains on Investing to Thrive

“Not enough has changed since 1998: women are underrepresented in some industries and overrepresented in others, namely part-time work in the service industries.” Team

“There is so much to be said about making decisions from the heart rather than just the head. What’s even better is when we can augment that with concrete supportive data to substantiate our stance.”

Yulin Lee

“I’ve had more than one employer in the past. And I got raises from all but one of them. Even after being told no. ”


-Jackie Beck

“When women are allowed to work and are then compensated fairly for their work, the entire economy performs better.”

Femme Frugality

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