Why is Personal Finance by Women so important?

Words are important. I know this both as a student of various languages and as a writer who manipulates such words for a living.

So one day when I saw a hashtag called #personalfinanceFORwomen trending, my mind turned to language and what its use can imply.

It took me back to a time a few years ago when, at a conference attended by an audience that leaned slightly more female, a man stood up on stage and gave a presentation on how us lady-folks could make our money better. We were supposed to buy his book.

It was laden with good intentions, but felt derogatory. It missed the point while at the same time pursuing it.

Building Our Own Future

It’s time for things to change. It’s time for us to listen to women’s voices when they speak about managing, earning and saving their money. It’s time to listen to their lived experiences and to acknowledge our own struggles.

It’s time to put personal finance FOR women behind us.

It’s time to embrace, promote and consume personal finance BY women instead.

When personal finance content for women is created by women, it doesn’t miss the point. It typically doesn’t come off as misogynistic, and provides real-life workarounds to the very real challenges we face on a daily basis. It acknowledges that our experiences are different, and is stronger for that fact.

On Personal Finance by Women, you’ll find personal finance content created by female-identifying writers and influencers. You’ll find intersectional perspectives and service projects that speak to real, on-the-ground needs. You’ll find female sources for your stories and a network of women and allies ready to uplift each other.

Personal finance for women is great.

But Personal Finance by Women is better.

Join us today.

Brynne Conroy is an award-winning blogger, freelance writer and author in the personal finance space. Her work has a marked focus on women’s issues and intersectional oppression as it relates to the personal economies of Americans.

She loves baseball, linguistics and cultural studies. If you can’t find her behind a keyboard or calculator, she’s probably busy momming.